Services We Do Not Provide

- by [email protected] - December 22, 2021

Our cleaners do their absolute best to provide exceptional service, but there are certain things that we cannot offer/guarantee. Liability, safety, and the highest quality are considered at all times. If you are unsure about your cleaning or an item below, please call us to discuss!


That said, the following are services that we do not provide:


  • We cannot perform services while other services are being performed in or around the home (plumbing, painting, construction, etc.)


  • No lifting or moving of heavy items (refrigerator, stove, tables, etc.)


  • No moving vases, hung pictures, or other delicate items.


  • We are happy to load your dishwasher, but cannot replace dishes in cupboards once complete. We don’t want to break anything.


  • Cleaning any item or area that cannot be safely reached using telescopic cleaning tools and a step stool.


  • Removing excessive pet hair from upholstery. While our Deep Clean option does include vacuuming furniture, our cleaning professionals have found that guaranteeing the removal of all excessive pet hair from upholstery is too time consuming to be economical, and they are never satisfied with the end result. They will do their best, and we hope our clients will understand the effort taken!


  • Cleaning exterior windows


  • Removing strong odors (mold, animal waste, smoke, etc.) Again, we will do our best.


  • Cleaning inside dishwashers and washing machines


  • Cleaning light bulbs


  • Cleaning rodent/insect infested homes


  • Removing excess paint from surfaces


  • Post-construction cleaning. We can provide that service, but it does not fall within the parameters of our online booking system and would require an in-person visit to make a quote.


  • Deep carpet/floor cleaning (steam cleaning, polishing, waxing, etc.)


  • Heavy marks/stains on walls, baseboards, other painted surfaces. We don’t want to potentially damage your paint!